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Causa sui

Short film directed by Quentin RICHARD

4 VFX shots : Cleanup and duplications.
Produce by Les films du pingouin

Rap Night

Directed by Salvatore LISTA

VFX for 23 shots:earpieces, microphones and signs removal.

Production Offshore
A coproduction with Canal +
Participation of CNC, Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and Sacem.

“Des feux dans la nuit”

A feature film directed by Dominique Lienhard:

An isolated village between sea and mountain. Its inhabitants struggle to survive. Lighting big fires on the beach to attract lost ships and steal their freight.

After a few days supervising the VFX on the set in Corse we’re working on the VFX : Background extension and replacement,green screens, de-aging,…

On the screens in 2020.

TV Film “Malevil”

We supervised VFX on the shooting in Aquitaine, France in the summer 2009, and then handled the 3D special effects or a hundred shots (removal and extention of decorations).
Adapted from the novel by Robert MERLE for F3.
Directed by Denis MALLEVAL, with Bernard YERLES and ANEMONE.
Broadcast: FRANCE 3
Duration approx. 1 h 30
Post prodution: Atelier Vidéographique

TV Film “Amours fraternels” (Brotherly Love)

Creation of 3D bats for 4 shots.

We used 3D bats that we duplicated (up to 30 for flight sequences), animated and composited in the HD images so that they are perfectly integrated alongside the real bat specimens used when shooting.

Broadcast – F3

Realization – Gérard self
Animations 3D and VFX – PROTOZOAIRE
Integration – Atelier vidéography
Co-production – F3