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Nicholas’ Fantastic Summer

Format 52×12′
Role Lighting/rendering/compositing

Director Wilson Dos Santos
Based upon René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé (published by IMAV)
Audience from 6 to 10 years old
Genre Comedy
Distributor Mediatoon Distribution
Broadcaster M6

Deux oiseaux

Directed by Antoine Robert.

This short tells the weird and poetic story of Jean, 8 years old urban boy who spends his summer at his grand-parents’ farm.

Production La Station Animation
Co-production Tu Nous ZA Pas Vus Productions
Diffusion CANAL+
Distribution Miyu

A shadow

The first in-house PROTOZOAIRE production is a full 3D short film now in production. Written and directed by Dan ENE.

We gathered a great team to achieve the modeling, performance-capture, keyframe animation, rendering,…

Big thanks to the region GrandEst and to Alsace 20 for their help.



Feature film “White Fang”

Human and animal character modeling for the famous Jack LONDON’s novel adaptation.
(Modeler Bertrand LEMONNIER)

Screening early 2018

Duration 90 min – Stereoscopic 3D
Direction Alexandre ESPIGARES
Production SUPERPROD
Distribution (France) WILD BUNCH
Distribution (International) SC FILMS
With the “Région Alsace” support

Napo in “When stress works!”

A series featuring characters in the world of work, faced with safety issues.
This episod is dealing with stress at work.

2014. Duration 11 minutes. Full 3D.

Series created in 1998 in partnership with Via Storia.


Napo in “Shocking situations”

18th episode in this series featuring characters in the world of work, faced with safety issues. This episode is dealing with electricity hazards,

2016. Duration 11min. Full 3D.

Series created in 1998 in partnership with Via Storia.

“Les triplés”

Protozoaire took care of the lighting and the 3D rendering of all 78 episodes of the series.
(Adaptation of the Comic by french illustrator Nicole Lambert)
This production took 9 months. We produced 2 episods (200 shots) per week.

Production: Media Valley / La Station Animation / France Télévisions
Broadcaster France 5


Realization of map animations explaining the urban development of the city of Levallois-Perret for this new show about French lifestyles.

Broadcast in 2014

Prime Time France 2

3D animations by Protozoaire

Production – France Television Signature

“The Carnival of Animals” Show

The french actor Smaïn and the Radio France Orchestra present Camille St Saens Zoological fantasy “The Carnival of the animals”…accompanied by its animated animals!

We created all the animals in 3D then animated them and mixed them with more than 120 shots of live footage. They interact with the musicians, run on the instruments, fly around the actors…

Prize Italia 2011 / Performing Arts Section
Selected For the Japan Prize 2011
GRAND PRIZE – Golden Prague 2011
AWARD – Golden Prague 2011

Feature film teaser “Approved for adoption”

Protozoan assisted Francetelevision, project leaders, on the pre-production of the film, over several months.

We worked on early versions of the characters, defined the first graphic ideas and took care of all the 3D of this teaser which helped to raise research funding.

For confidentiality reasons we cannot show these items, but I invite you to go and see the official trailer for the film.

Director Laurent Boileau and Jung.

Production Mosaïque Films, Artémis productions, Nadasdy films eïand Panda Médias