Portfolio Tag: fiction

Nicholas’ Fantastic Summer

Format 52×12′
Role Lighting/rendering/compositing

Director Wilson Dos Santos
Based upon René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé (published by IMAV)
Audience from 6 to 10 years old
Genre Comedy
Distributor Mediatoon Distribution
Broadcaster M6

Causa sui

Short film directed by Quentin RICHARD

4 VFX shots : Cleanup and duplications.
Produce by Les films du pingouin

Rap Night

Directed by Salvatore LISTA

VFX for 23 shots:earpieces, microphones and signs removal.

Production Offshore
A coproduction with Canal +
Participation of CNC, Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and Sacem.

Deux oiseaux

Directed by Antoine Robert.

This short tells the weird and poetic story of Jean, 8 years old urban boy who spends his summer at his grand-parents’ farm.

Production La Station Animation
Co-production Tu Nous ZA Pas Vus Productions
Diffusion CANAL+
Distribution Miyu

“Des feux dans la nuit”

A feature film directed by Dominique Lienhard:

An isolated village between sea and mountain. Its inhabitants struggle to survive. Lighting big fires on the beach to attract lost ships and steal their freight.

After a few days supervising the VFX on the set in Corse we’re working on the VFX : Background extension and replacement,green screens, de-aging,…

On the screens in 2020.

A shadow

The first in-house PROTOZOAIRE production is a full 3D short film now in production. Written and directed by Dan ENE.

We gathered a great team to achieve the modeling, performance-capture, keyframe animation, rendering,…

Big thanks to the region GrandEst and to Alsace 20 for their help.