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Léon french mattress

The new french mattress brand “Leon” asked us to make visuals of their soon-to-be-released mattress.
We modeled it, re-created all the foam and fabric details in 3D. And then rendered some visuals for their digital communication.
Agiil agency.


Fables for Crédit Mutuel

Created all the images for the 2002 Crédit Mutuel campaign based upon the “La Fontaine” Fables. 3D images created based upon roughs provided by the studio studio Rakham.

4 4×3 posters and 27 illustrations for the book of fables, mouse-mats, caps, key-chains… our work appeared on all sorts of items! The difficulty was going from the cartoonish style of the illustrator to the 3D scenes all the while remaining faithful to the cartoon style. We used specialised software to render the fur and feathers.



Character creation – RAKHAM

SKALA Houses

We started out with jus a simple model of the walls and ceilings.

Then we added colours, furniture and vegetation.

Multiple viewing angles were developed, as well as immersive 360° images.

Visitez une maison Skala

Created in partnership with the Agiil Agency